Emergency Telephone System

Emergency telephones are located in select College parking and office areas. Those phones located in the parking lots are attached to a black tower topped with a blue strobe light and are clearly marked with "Public Safety" and the Medical College of Wisconsin logo. The phone is linked directly to the Public Safety Center to allow for rapid emergency and non-emergency response. In addition, the emergency phones are integrated with nearby surveillance cameras that permit remote visual monitoring of the phone and surrounding parking areas. The emergency phone located in the STAR center (2nd floor MEB) and all Life Safety Centers are a direct link to the Public Safety Center.

MCW Emergency Telephone System

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Public Safety Center
Health Research Center, Room H1820
Emergency: (414) 955-8299 | Non-Emergency: (414) 955-8295

Access Service Center
Health Research Center, Room H1860
(414) 955-8471 

Central Administration
Medical Education Building, Room M0740
(414) 955-8424 | (414) 955-6557 (fax)

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