Rotation Summary

Clinical Year
Rotation Experiences

OTO=Adult Otolaryngology Sleep Disorders Clinic
AN=Adult Neurology Sleep Disorders Clinic
PSG=Sleep lab
Pul=Adult Pulmonology Sleep Disorders Clinic
PedPul=Pediatric Pulmonary Sleep Disorders Clinic


FH (site #1)
Froedtert Hospital

CHW (site #2)
Children’s Hospital of WI

VAMC (site #3)
Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center

The fellow is assigned a continuity clinic ½ day/week for 6 to 12 month blocks at one of the three sites.

Rotation 1: AN / Pul / OTO / PSG – adult & ped / RES/ PedPul

Institution / site: Sites 1 and 2

Duration: 2 months

Rotation 2: Pul / IP / RES/ PSG – adult and ped/PedPul

Institution / site: Sites 2 and 3

Duration: 2 months

Fellows will alternate between these 2 rotations throughout the year.

During rotation 1, the fellow works with board certified sleep specialists in their department clinics including adult Otolaryngology, pulmonology (adult and pediatric) and adult neurology sleep clinics. This provides the fellow experience with wide variety of patients. The fellow is responsible for reviewing sleep studies and other sleep related testing under faculty mentorship for 3 half days.

During rotation 2, the fellow works with board certified sleep specialists in adult pulmonology. In addition to sleep clinics, fellows receive experience in CPAP desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy. The fellows also participate in inpatient sleep study. They also receive experience in electronic-consultation (telemedicine). This requires a thorough chart review to determine the first step in the patient’s care (sleep study, home study, physician clinic visit, CPAP clinic, etc.). The fellows also review sleep studies (portable monitoring studies) and their non-clinic time.

The Friday afternoon block across all three rotations is used by the fellows and faculty for education and practice development as well as research. Depending on the week during the month, there are 1-3 hours of activities that the fellow participates in with one or more faculty present.

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