MCW Cancer Center Redox and Bioenergetics Shared Resource Equipment and Services

This shared resource offers state-of-the-art equipment.

It has a Seahorse Bioscience XF-96 analyzer, which can detect pH changes and oxygen consumption rates for the mitochondrial analysis of eukaryotic cell lines. It also has a Shimadzu UHPLC MS/MS used for the development and analysis of drugs/compounds.

If you would like to use one of these machines, please contact Steve Komas at (414) 955-4059.

Seahorse XF-96 Analyzer

The Seahorse XF-96 measures the rate of change of analytes dissolved oxygen and pH in media immediately surrounding living cells cultured in a microplate.

Shimadzu UHPLC MS/MS Detector

The Shimadzu UHPLC-MS/MS can be used for high-speed targeted metabolomics for bioenergetics, pharmacokinetics of experimental anticancer drugs and structural conformation of newly synthesized compounds/drugs.