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Our three-level evaluation process is designed to be a surrogate for industry, leverage both internal and external expertise early in the development process, in order to objectively and transparently review technologies, make informed and timely decisions, and provide multiple opportunities for communicating with inventors during the process.

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  What is the evaluation, patenting and licensing process?

The Office of Technology Development’s three-step evaluation process is designed to be a surrogate for industry. This process leverages both internal and external expertise early in the development process. The Office of Technology Development objectively and transparently reviews technologies, makes informed and timely decisions, and provides multiple opportunities for communication with inventors during the entire process.

Step 1 in our three-level process involves the inventors and Office of Technology Development staff.  Step 2 involves the Technology Innovation Council (TIC), which is composed of scientists, technology sector experts, clinicians, intellectual property experts, business leaders and investment professionals. The TIC provides valuable feedback to our inventors, the Office of Technology Development and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Step 3 solicits input from MCW senior leadership. The outcome at each level can be:

  • Go – move forward with protecting and developing the intellectual property, or
  • Hold – more information is needed e.g. enabling proof of concept data, or
  • No Go – the rights to the intellectual property are reverted to the inventors as provided for in the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Patent and Copyright Policy

Three Level Evaluation Process - Surrogate for Industry

We will seek to address the following questions during the three levels of evaluation:

3-Level Evaluation Process


  What can I do to streamline the process?

Disclose your invention to the Office of Technology Development via our Invention Disclosure Form (DOC) before any anticipated public disclosure and remain actively engaged throughout the disclosure, evaluation, IP protection, marketing and licensing processes.

  What are my rights and responsibilities?

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