Birth Defects

The challenges of birth defects of the hand and upper extremity can be managed with expert treatment and care. Hand Center surgeons and therapists collaborate with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to give patients with congenital conditions the best possible treatment. Our staff is trained to treat and support patients with absent fingers, shortened limbs, absent (aplastic) thumb, radial club hand, polydactyly and syndactyly through surgery, splinting or casting, range of motion therapy and age appropriate play.

Our Plastic Surgery Training in Birth defects include congenital deformities such as deformed or shortened limbs, thumb and/or finger duplication (polydactyly), webbed fingers (syndactyly) and absence of fingers and can be treated with reconstructive surgery such as grafts, free tissue flaps, or toe-to-thumb flaps. Our plastic surgery training allows us to take steps to ensure that the hand will have an appearance that is as close to normal as possible. All of our hand surgeons have surgical privileges at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and are trained in pediatric hand surgery. Reconstructive surgery can be performed in infancy in order to allow the hand to develop normally and minimize growth irregularities and limitations in motion.

Please contact The Hand Center at (414) 955-HAND (4263) for additional information.