Replantation, Revascularization and Amputation

Replantation is the surgical reattachment of a finger, hand or arm that has been severed from a person’s body. Replantation is accomplished by removing damaged tissue, rejoining bone with pins or plates and then reconnecting severed muscles, tendons, nerves and veins. Revascularization involves restoring function to an affected body part by restoring blood flow to the area. These are precise microvascular procedures that are performed under microscopes and which require exact and accurate surgical techniques.

If it is determined that a body part cannot be replanted, an amputation is performed, which is completely removing the injured body part. Sometimes amputation is the best option when a body part is cancerous or too damaged to work properly. Amputations are performed to preserve the remaining body part for future use of a prosthetic device to restore function.

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