Vascular Surgery Clinical Highlights

The Division of Vascular Surgery continues to push the envelope clinically. We have instituted an advanced endovascular graft program for the treatment of complex aneurysmal disease, including branched and fenestrated endografts. In addition, we deploy the array of available endografts for infrarenal and juxtarenal aneurysmal disease.

Vascular Surgery Clinical Programs

Surgical expertise is provided in all aspects of vascular surgery, including an endovascular program providing the full array of endovascular techniques for complex aortic disease, advanced endovascular techniques for limb salvage, including drug-eluting stents and SAFARI techniques, as well as carotid, renal, and mesenteric endovascular therapies. Carotid surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin is a primary program of Vascular Surgery, and both open and endovascular therapy is provided. Open thoracic aortic aneurysms are repaired in concert with the Cardiothoracic Surgery team. Endovascular therapy for TAAA is done primarily on the vascular surgery service. Aorto-iliac occlusive, renovascular and mesenteric vascular reconstructive surgery are all key elements of the vascular surgery program.

We continue to do a large volume of open reconstructive surgery, as well as pushing the envelope in the endovascular arena.

Peripheral vascular surgery is another key aspect of the clinical program. Reconstructive and amputation surgery, as well as management of infected graphs, are areas of expertise. Vascular access surgery is performed by Transplant Surgery, but also in part, by Vascular Surgery. Management of peripheral vascular disease and chronic wounds is another key element of the clinical program. An aggressive wound clinic co-managed by Vascular and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, remains a key aspect of our program.

The venous disease program also continues to grow. We have a vein clinic that offers the array of vein therapies, both endovascular and open, which is co-managed by vascular surgery and interventional radiology.

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