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Amin Bemanian

Amin Bemanian

Amin Bemanian

Matched at University of Washington; Specialty: Pediatrics

Faculty Advisor

  • Kirsten M. M. Beyer, PhD, Public and Community Health


BS, Biomedical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 2013

Research Interests

Quantifying racial residential segregation and exploring its relationship to racial and spatial disparities in cancer

Research Experience

MCW, 2015-2016
Dr. Christine Schindler
Project: Analysis of case series of pediatric skin failure patients with goal of understanding how skin failure is related to multi-organ dysfunction syndrome compared to standard pressure ulcers.

Washington University, 2010-2013
Advisor: Dr. Michael Brent
Project: Computational model of transcriptional regulation in yeast metabolism


Beyer, K. M., Young, S., & Bemanian, A. Persistent Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Mortality Between Black and White Women: What is the Role for Structural Racism?. In Geospatial Approaches to Energy Balance and Breast Cancer (pp. 361-378). Springer, Cham. 2019 July

Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2016). New spatially continuous indices of redlining and racial bias in mortgage lending: links to survival after breast cancer diagnosis and implications for health disparities research. Health & Place, 40, 34–43.

Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Hoormann, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2016). Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survival Disparities in Southeastern Wisconsin. Wisconsin Medical Journal, 115(1), 17–22.

Meeting Abstracts

Bemanian, A., Beyer, K. M. M., & Zhou, Y. (2016). Breast Cancer Survival and Residential Segregation by Race and Ethnicity in Milwaukee. In MCW Cancer Center Research Retreat.

Bemanian, A., Beyer, K.M.M. (2015). Quantification of segregation in southeastern Wisconsin as a marker for economic disadvantage. In 143rd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2015). Cancer and Disparity in the Context of Residential Racial Segregation: Evidence from Southeastern Wisconsin. In Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers.

General Interests

Photography, running, cycling, programming