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Colton Sauer, MD

Colton Sauer

Colton Sauer, MD

Resident, PGYII


Where are you from? Where have you trained so far?
I’m from Golden, CO. I went to medical school at University of Colorado, pediatric prelim year at Geisinger in Danville, PA, and now in MKE for residency.

What are your hobbies?
Riding my road bike, cooking, and building computers

What drew you to Milwaukee?
The culture seemed pretty similar to the Denver area with sports teams and many local breweries, but without as many people and all the horrible traffic. And apparently it’s right next to a lake, but the lake is so big it’s basically like you’re living next to an ocean.

What drew you to our PM&R program?
The faculty! My first impression was at the interview dinner where they introduced themselves in the first half hour of the night and got to know us as a person, not just as more applicants they needed to interview. The more time I’ve spent with them I’ve realized that they truly want you to not only be successful in residency, but also make sure that you are succeeding in personal life outside of work as well

Professional interests: pediatric PM&R!