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Courtney Smith, PharmD

Courtney Smith, PharmD

Courtney Smith, PharmD

2019-2021; Academic Fellow in Primary Care Department of Clinical Sciences


  • MCW School of Pharmacy
    HRC H2600

Contact Information


PharmD, Hampton University School of Pharmacy, Hampton, VA
BA in Medical Spanish, Hampton University, Hampton, VA
Study abroad experience, Veritas University, San Jose, Costa Rica

Basic Life Support, American Red Cross
Immunization Certificate, American Pharmacists Association


Courtney Smith, PharmD became the first pharmacist to join the Academic Fellowship in Primary Care Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin on August 1, 2019. Dr. Smith received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Medical Spanish from Hampton University in 2012. She also received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Hampton University in 2016. She began her career as a pharmacist in a community pharmacy setting for approximately two and a half years. As a fellow, Dr. Smith’s interests include understanding the pharmaceutical, environmental, and cultural factors that contribute to health disparities in underserved populations. She aspires to bring a pharmaceutical approach to primary care and community engaged research through medication therapy management, pharmacy health literacy, and medication adherence. Dr. Smith’s goal is to become a constructive leader in research, education, clinical science, mentorship, academic administration, community outreach, and working productively as an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

Research Interests

  • Pharmacy health literacy
  • Medication adherence
  • Medication therapy management
  • Health disparities
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural health barriers
  • Latino health
  • Minority health

I firmly believe that all students comprehend information in unique ways. The four primary learning types include visual, auditory, linguistic, and kinesthetic styles. My teaching philosophy includes incorporating techniques that address these learning methods. It is imperative to include interactive learning activities in each lecture. This philosophy creates a positive atmosphere for learning.

courtney smith, pharmD