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Daria Golosova, MD, PhD

Daria Golosova, MD, PhD

Daria Golosova, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

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MD (Cum Laude), St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012
PhD, Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2018


During medical school and after graduation I worked with patients and continued to master my knowledge on several clinical trainings and pursued research experience, which helped me to develop a unique way of thinking that combined scientific approach and clinical experience. I became interested in Renal Physiology and various aspects of hypertension. Specifically, I am interested in signaling mechanisms regulating kidney function in healthy and pathological states. During my graduate training I studied the effect of selective stimulation of different subtypes of vasopressin receptors on urinary ion excretion. Following graduation, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Staruschenko where I focused in the effect of opioids and cannabinoids on kidney function and development of hypertension. My long term research aim is potentially to establish interventional approaches to treat patients with hypertension. I believe this is extremely important from a clinical standpoint and is essential for the management of opioid-mediated organ damage.

Intellectual Property (e.g. Patents, Copyrights)

2017 Karlina M. V., Demchenko D. V., Pozharitskaya O. N., Shishkov A. N., Makarova M. N., Makarov V. G., Fomichev Y. S., Natochin Yu. V, Kutina A. V., Karavashkina T. A., Golosova D. V. RU2634272C1 “Composition with desamino-arginine vasotocin for parenteral introduction and method for its production”

Honors and Awards

2021 - Renal Section Research Recognition Award, The American Physiological Society
2020 - Hypertension New Investigator Travel Award, Hypertension 2020 Scientific Sessions, the AHA
2020 - Caroline tum Suden Professional Opportunity Award, the American Physiological Society
2019 - The winner of the 29th Annual Graduate School Research Poster Session, Milwaukee, WI
2019 - MCW Cardiovascular Center's A. O. Smith Fellowship Scholarship, Milwaukee, WI
2019 - Travel Award, APS/ASN Control of Renal Function in Health and Disease Conference, Charlottesville, VA
2018 - The Physiological Society Travel Grant, Experimental Biology 2018, San-Diego, CA
2018 - The APS Epithelial Transport Group Travel Grant, Experimental Biology, Pre-Meeting 2018 San-Diego, CA
2017 - The Physiological Society Travel Grant, EB 2017, Chicago, IL
2016 - British Society for Neuroendocrinology Travel Grant, Joint Meeting of the APS and TPS-UK, Dublin, Ireland
2016 - The Physiological Society Travel Grant, Joint Meeting of the APS and TPS-UK, Dublin, Ireland
2012 - Best Scientific Work Award, International Scientific and Practical Conference Ageing and Health, Kyiv, Ukraine