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Ethan Duwell

Ethan Duwell

Ethan Duwell

Graduate Student


  • Biophysics

Contact Information


Mentor: Edgar DeYoe, PhD
Year Entered MCW: 2015
Previous Education: BA, Chemistry and Philosophy, St. Olaf College, 2013

Research Interests

My research interests include visual attention, conscious awareness, and conscious experience. I am currently pursuing these interests in the DeYoe lab, where we study visual attention both behaviorally and neurophysiologically via functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The DeYoe lab develops novel fMRI paradigms to map brain patterns of attention-related activity and then uses mathematical models to explore the effects of attention on visual processing and other behaviors. The overall goal is to understand the brain mechanisms responsible for visual perception, attention, and awareness, ultimately providing tools for diagnosis and treatment of brain-related vision and attention deficits.