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Jack Gorski, PhD

Jack Gorski, PhD

Jack Gorski, PhD

Senior Investigator, Versiti Blood Research Institute; Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology; Director, Center for Human Immunology


  • Versiti Blood Research Institute
    Blood Center of Wisconsin

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General Interests

Human Immunology


Developmental Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1976

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding the molecular basis of T cell immunity in man, focusing on polymorphism and variability within this system. Work in my lab has involved one to many to one mapping of the principle components of the system: the MHC, antigen peptide, and TCR. We have been interested in the biophysics of binding of multiple peptides to a single class II MHC molecule, as well as the ability of a single peptide to bind multiple class II MHC. Similarly we have a strong interest in the biophysics of many TCR interacting with a single peptide-MHC complex as well as the T cell cross-reactivity (one TCR binding many peptide-MHC complexes). There has been a special emphasis on describing and understanding the long term memory requirements post-thymic involution. This interest has led to molecular analyses of T cell repertoires and the role of cross-reactivity in maintaining immunity as well as providing a selectable population of responders when a new antigen peptide is encountered. Currently we are focusing on possible intrinsic differences in rearrangement of TCR and BCR as evidenced from NGS analysis of circulating and thymic repertoires. Together with Dr. Martin Hessner, we have developed an interest in human plasma/serum as an indicator of overall immune status in an individual.