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Jake Bauwens, MD

Jake Bauwens, MD

Jake Bauwens, MD

PGY-V Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Medical School: Rush


Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why I chose MCW: I was first exposed to the program doing an away rotation as a medical student and was immediately drawn to several aspects of MCW. First, I enjoyed the sense of family and camaraderie I witnessed with the current residents and faculty, and I was excited to train in that type of environment. I was also drawn to the well-rounded education you receive in this program with rotations at a high volume trauma center, Children’s Hospital, VA Hospital and various community centers that expose you to the private world of orthopaedics. Also, I grew up in Milwaukee and was excited by the prospect of completing my residency with so many friends and family nearby.

What MCW has to offer a Candidate: Simply put, it offers everything. As I mentioned before you are exposed to all orthopaedic sub-specialties throughout your five years in a combination of private, community and academic settings in high volume medical centers. You get a great trauma experience and are able to enter practice as a general orthopaedist, while also providing you with the ability to seek competitive fellowships.

What I like about living in Milwaukee: Just about everything. I lived in Chicago for four years and always described Milwaukee as a smaller Chicago without the hassles. It has everything with newly developing neighborhoods downtown with vibrant nightlife, along with restaurants and bars as well as countless outdoor activities. There are also very comfortable suburbs if the city life is not for you. It is very easy to find something that you like in Milwaukee. If you like food, beer, music festivals, sporting events, lakes, and outdoor activities and have a sense of adventure, you may want to come for a visit.