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Jing Wu, PhD

Jing Wu, PhD

Jing Wu, PhD



  • Physiology

Contact Information


Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Pharmacology, the University of Iowa 2015-2019
PhD, Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University, 2014
BM-Preventive Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center, 2009

Research Interests

Cardiovascular Physiology, Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Renal Physiology.

With a training background in vascular biology, I am interested in mechanisms regulating redox balance, inflammation and vascular function in cardiovascular diseases. During postdoctoral training, my research specialized into renovascular function and renal hemodynamics in the pathogenesis of hypertension. The aims of my career development projects are to understand the nature of vascular-tubular interface in the kidney, the ability of the renal circulation to regulate electrolyte transport, and the vulnerability of these processes to genetic mutations, oxidative stress and inflammation in hypertension and chronic kidney diseases.