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John deVries, MD

John Devries, MD

John deVries, MD

PGY-V Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Undergraduate: Wayne State University
Medical School: Wayne State University


Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Why I chose MCW: Having not rotated at MCW or known anyone from the program, I knew very little coming into my interview. My first impression at the pre-interview dinner was that the residents were so personable and down to earth. One of my criteria for choosing a program was a place that had residents that I could see myself in the trenches with for the next 5 years. I had a surprising amount in common with everyone there. Another one of my criteria was faculty that were truly interested in the residents as people and in their education. This was also apparent on interview day, meeting staff that were truly proud of the residents there. I also wanted a place that had a good, well rounded experience all at one campus, getting high volumes of cases, great pediatric experience, rare surgeries, loads of trauma, etc. Many places I interviewed at sacrificed one of more of these.

What MCW has to offer a Candidate: Training residents is a priority here. From the beginning of your training the emphasis is on helping you to become an effective, skilled attending surgeon. You aren’t saddled with busy work, but are expected to learn how to operate and operate well, and make important clinical decisions, you aren’t just another assistant.

What I like about living in Milwaukee: I have loved Milwaukee since I moved here. Coming from the Detroit area, it was not a culture shock. The vibrant, easily accessible downtown area (with a surprising amount of incredible restaurants and bars) is definitely a plus, which is why I chose to live there. The lake, all the fresh water, beaches, bike trails, cross country skiing, and the rest of the outdoor opportunities have been great. Did I mention beer and cheese curds?