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Kendra Kalscheur, MS

Kendra Kalscheur

Kendra Kalscheur, MS

Program Manager for Student Affairs and Enrollment


  • MCW Pharmacy School
    HRC H2600

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MS, Student Personnel Administration, Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI
BA, Communication, Music, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL


Kendra Kalscheur, MS has been with MCW since 2007 and brings extensive knowledge of recruitment, admissions, and academic affairs. Kendra works closely with the Director of Academic and Student Affairs coordinating prospective student recruitment, applications and applicant interview days. Prior to joining the Pharmacy School team, Ms. Kalscheur served as a Project Coordinator for MCW’s Community Medical Educational Program assisting with the launch of two regional medical school campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin. Ms. Kalscheur has a master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration.

It is of upmost importance to help guide prospective and current pharmacy students on their path to becoming successful pharmacists by encouraging excellent communication and setting clear expectations. I look forward to contributing to our innovative learning environment and watching our students flourish within the MCW Pharmacy School

Kendra Kalscheur, MS