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Li Lily Wang, PhD

Li Lily Wang, PhD

Li Lily Wang, PhD

Associate Professor


  • Microbiology & Immunology
    BSB 204

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General Interests

Immune Regulation Mediated by Negative Checkpoint Regulators and Cancer Immunotherapy


PhD, Biochemistry, Dartmouth Medical School, 2003

Research Interests

Lab lunch outside on terrace (5-23-18)

Wang Laboratory

Research in the Wang lab focuses on immune regulation mediated by the immune-checkpoint proteins, such as VISTA. We apply preclinical tumor models to investigate the mechanisms whereby VISTA controls the anti-tumor immunity, and design innovative immunotherapeutic strategies for cancer treatment.


Figure 1. The B7 family co-signaling molecules regulate T cell responses.  The co-inhibitory molecules, such as CTLA-4, PD-1, and VISTA are also called "immune-checkpoints".  They play critical role in maintaining T cell peripheral tolerance and controlling autoimmunity.


Figure 2. Research in the Wang lab addresses the immune-regulatory role of a novel immune-checkpoint molecule, called V-domain Immunoglobulin Suppression of T cell Activation (VISTA). VISTA is expressed on multiple immune cell types, and suppresses the anti-tumor immunity.


Figure 3. VISTA-blocking monoclonal antibody effectively enhances tumor-reactive T cell response, and can synergize with cancer vaccine to eradicate tumor cells.

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