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Marc Tremblay, MD

Marc Tremblay, MD

Marc Tremblay, MD

PGY-V Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth
Undergraduate: Christopher Newport University


Hometown: La Tuque, Canada

Why I chose MCW: When choosing programs, I focused on a few things; quality of the surgical experience, volume of the trauma cases, autonomy of the residents, and finally how well the residents get along with everyone.  MCW, without a doubt, surpassed my expectations regarding all of these.

What MCW has to offer a Candidate: MCW offers candidates an amazing operative experience with staff who are very well trained and always willing to teach.  Residents will get in the operating room early and become very comfortable doing cases early in their training.  We also have all specialties in house which, in my opinion, is very valuable to our training and makes an already busy lifestyle much more manageable.

What I like about living in Milwaukee: The great thing about Milwaukee is the diversity of the city as well as the surrounding areas.  You reap the benefits of city living while also being only minutes away from wildlife, hiking trails, and so on.  It is a very affordable place to live, giving residents the opportunity to purchase homes and build some equity during their training.