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Marvin Wagner, PhD


Marvin Wagner, MD

Professor Emeritus and Clinical Professor, Surgery


  • Medical College of Wisconsin
    Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy


MD, Marquette University School of Medicine, 1944
MS, Marquette University School of Medicine, 1951

Research Interests

Human anatomy with special reference to segmental anatomy and its applications to clinical medicine

Segmental Anatomy: Applications to Clinical Medicine. Marvin Wagner and Thomas L. Lawson

Atlas of Chest Imaging: Correlated Anatomy with MRI and CT. Marvin Wagner and Thomas L. Lawson

These landmark reference texts are designed to provide a detailed photographic "map" of segmental anatomy - both normal and pathologic - viewed from sequential series of axial, coronal and sagittal sections.Atlas of Chest Imaging: Correlated Anatomy with MRI and CT

In addition, the anatomic sections are correlated with images produced by computed tomography (CT), ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - a valuable clinical aid for every medical student, surgeon, radiologist, primary family physician, internist and anatomist.

The presentation of the text and illustration will enable you to employ effectively CT scans, MRI and ultrasonograms in teaching, diagnosing disease and in avoiding the complications of surgery.

Each of the chapters features at least one detailed sectional illustration, in which normal relationships and, in some cases, pathological entities are identified. Some of these sections have been highly magnified, allowing identification of the most minute structures. In each chapter a small line drawing identifies the plane of vision.

Over 30 cadavers ranging in age from newborn to 75 years, male and female, were utilized. The volumes comprehensively cover segmental anatomy of the head and neck, thorax, abdomen, male and female pelvis, upper an lower extremities, lumbosacral spine and neonatal anatomy.