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Matthew Dillard

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Matthew Dillard

Graduate Student


  • Physiology

Contact Information


Mentor: Matt Hodges, PhD
Year Entered MCW: 2016
Previous Education: BS, Neuroscience, Eureka College

Research Interests

My project is focused on investigating “The Role of Neuromodulator Receptors in the Retrotrapezoid Nucleus on the Ventilatory CO2 Chemoreflex” or simply “Neural Control of Breathing”.

I believe that the most exciting part of Neuroscience is the breadth of the field. There are a wide variety of problems to be addressed in the field which provides ample opportunity for the advancement of knowledge in the field and the application of new discoveries for the betterment of humanity. I also find the interdisciplinary nature of Neuroscience to be exciting. One problem in the field can be addressed in numerous different ways by individuals with widely differing backgrounds. The synthesis of knowledge and methodologies from various disciplines makes Neuroscience research exciting to me.