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Michael Pisano, BS

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Michael Pisano, BS

Lab Technician III


BS, Biology, Truman State University

Research Interests

During my time in undergrad I learned basic RNA sequencing analysis in R language, worked on an epitope mapping project at A. T. Still University, and contributed to assay development as an R&D intern at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Carlsbad, CA. I joined the Janz lab at the University of Iowa as an Immunology graduate student in June 2017 and relocated in Fall 2018 to MCW where I hold a research appointment. My current project concerns genomic analysis of myeloma-like plasma cell tumors in a double-transgenic mouse model of human myeloma. To that end, I rely on next generation DNA and RNA sequencing, and proteomics. Of importance to my PhD dissertation project, I perform immunological studies including analysis of bone marrow infiltrating Th17 cells which have been implicated in myeloma bone disease.