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Monica Thomas

Monica Thomas

Monica Thomas

Matched at Johns Hopkins University; Specialty: Anesthesiology

Faculty Advisor

  • Brian Volkman, PhD, Biochemistry


BS, Chemistry, University of Utah, 2012

Research Interests

Structural and Computational Biology.  The structural basis of protein function in homeostasis and disease Immunology.

Research Experience

University of Utah, 2010-2011
Advisor: Dr. Saveez Saffarian
Project: Engineering a flow chamber for the microscopic analysis of real-time enveloped virus budding

University of Utah, 2011-2012
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Woycechowsky
Project: Manipulation of protein capsid assembly in vitro and the design of a capsid-based small molecule delivery system


Thomas MA, Buelow BJ, Nevins AM, Jones SE, Peterson FC, Gundry RL, Grayson MH, and Volkman BF (2015). Structure-function analysis of CCL28 in the development of post-viral asthma. J. Biol. Chem. 290(7): 4528-36.

General Interests

Running marathons, dancing, and eating chocolate