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Prakash Laud, PhD

Purushottam (Prakash) Laud, PhD



  • Biostatistics

Contact Information


PhD, University of Missouri, 1977


Professor Laud joined the Division of Biostatistics in the spring of 1994. He was previously in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Northern Illinois University. His methodological research has spanned many areas of Bayesian statistics: nonparametric models for survival analysis, model selection in linear and generalized linear models, computational methods, semi-parametric models for instrumental variables regression with binary and time-to-event outcomes.

He has several collaborative relationships with researchers at the College, particularly with those in the College's Comprehensive Injury Center (CIC), the Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research, and the Cardiovascular Research Center. Projects include falls injury prevention, relationship of obesity and motor vehicle crash fatalities, breast cancer screening and surveillance, genetic mechanisms of hypertension development in salt sensitive rats, and many others. The projects involve both experimental and observational studies.

Research Experience

  • Bayesian Statistical Methodology

Leadership Positions

  • Acting Director, Division of Biostatistics
  • Faculty Biostatistician in the Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research. Biostatistics Graduate Committee Chair.