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Spencer Moore, MD

Spencer Moore, MD

Spencer Moore, MD

PGY-V Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Medical School: University of Virginia
Undergraduate: Washington & Lee University


Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

Why I chose MCW: I chose MCW because I was looking for a level-1 trauma center with a high surgical volume that provided balance between academic and clinical education. I wanted to work somewhere with access to both urban and rural populations. Being from the east coast, I did not know much about the program prior to my interview. However, I had rotated with another med student who had spent a month at MCW and told me I had to check it out if I could. I was lucky enough to get an interview, and during my visit realized that the program was just the right fit for me.

What MCW has to offer a Candidate: Choosing to train at MCW will provide potential residents with an excellent foundation in clinical decision making and surgical skills. We have a very balanced program, but are especially busy centers for Pediatrics, Trauma, and Oncology. Additionally, our program really focuses on producing competent orthopedic surgeons right out of the gates, as evidenced by the fact that we regularly have graduates go straight into practice. Another important feature of our program is the fact that we have two elective blocks, which allow residents to pursue their interests before fellowship or rotate with a surgeon in private practice

What I like about living in Milwaukee: Milwaukee is a city that feels bigger than it actually is because of all the amazing resources available to you, while also providing a very affordable cost of living. Whether you are talking cultural events, restaurants, entertainment, or outdoor activities there is always something to do. Truly no better place to live than in Milwaukee, especially in the summertime.