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Wenwen Xu, PhD

Wenwen Xu, PhD

Wenwen Xu, PhD

Research Scientist I


  • Hematology and Oncology

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I completed my BS and MD degrees at the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (China) in 2008. After one year of residency at Dongguan Kanghua Hospital, I enrolled in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and received my PhD in Cell Biology at Kunming Institute of Zoology in 2014. My PhD research was focused on the identification of genes with key regulatory roles in resistance to HIV infection. During my PhD, I also completed research training as a visiting scholar at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford, where I participated in two major projects: (1) Isolation of human monoclonal antibodies that neutralize the influenza H7N9 virus, and (2) the identification and molecular characterization of Killer Cell Immunoglobulin Like Receptors. Beginning in 2015, I performed studies on how the immune checkpoint protein VISTA regulates antitumor immunity in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology of Medical College of Wisconsin.

I joined the Drobyski lab in 2019 as a post-doctoral research fellow, and my current research is focused on delineating mechanisms by which inhibition of IL-27 affects the immune suppressive properties of regulatory CD4+ T cells during graft-versus-host disease.