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Yi-Wen Huang, PhD


Yi-Wen Huang, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

Contact Information


PhD, Veterinary Biosciences Epigenetics in Cancer, Ohio State University college of Veterinary Medicine, 2006


Dr. Huang is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical College of Wisconsin in July, 2012. He received his PhD in the Veterinary Biosciences, College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University in June, 2006. After that, he joined Dr. Tim Huang’s laboratory as a post-doctoral researcher to study on epigenetics, specifically on DNA methylation at Ohio State University.

Research Interests

Dr. Huang’s research interests are investigating the roles of epigenetics in cancer development. He has extensive experience in using methylation microarray technology to identify candidate epigenetic biomarkers for disease detection and recurrence in ovarian and endometrial cancers. He also has experience in studying DNA methylation changes using next-generation sequencing. Applying this technique, Dr. Huang generated more than half billions of sequencing bases from more than 200 primary endometrial and breast specimens, and elucidated specific DNA methylator phenotypes.

His laboratory focuses on identifying epigenetic changes involved in the endometrial tumorigenesis. Currently, a mouse model was applied to understand how obesity might contribute to endometrial cancer development and how chemopreventive agents such as berries might suppress this disease.