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Dr. Candice Klug awarded NIH S10 shared instrumentation grant to upgrade EPR equipment

Candice Klug, PhDCandice S. Klug, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) professor of biophysics, was awarded a National Institutes of Health S10 shared instrumentation grant. The award will support state-of-the-art upgrades to the National Biomedical EPR Center’s Bruker Q-band E580 pulse electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer to study protein structure and functional dynamics.

The upgraded components will provide a remarkable advantage to biomedically relevant research projects and, coupled with the considerable improvement in data accuracy, will have a substantial impact on current and future structural biology studies of soluble and membrane proteins and protein complexes. Having the most state-of-the-art EPR capabilities provides MCW researchers and local, regional, and national users access to the most modern instrumentation available. Our upgraded equipment will be unique within the Midwest; in fact, only three other setups of this kind exist in the United States, and none of them are available to the general research community.

The upgraded technology will enable basic research that will lead to a better understanding of the physiology of disease processes such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity; contribute to the development of novel antibiotics and cancer therapeutic agents; and guide the design of safer and more effective drugs targeting a broad spectrum of diseases. Additional opportunities for new interdisciplinary science are expected to be uncovered due to the substantially lower sample requirements of the new instrumentation.

Major users of the upgraded equipment include Dr. Klug; Jimmy Feix, PhD, professor of biophysics; Michael Lerch, PhD, assistant professor of biophysics; Adriano Marchese, PhD, professor of biochemistry; Brian Smith, PhD, assistant professor of biochemistry; Brian Bennett, PhD, chair and professor of physics, Marquette University; and Brian Kobilka, professor of medicine, Stanford University. Minor users include an array of faculty from MCW and other institutions, as well as visitors to the National Biomedical EPR Center.