Pilot Grant Review Committee Members

ACS Pilot Grant Review Committees – Ming You, MD, PhD, Chair

Carmen Bergom, MD, PhD; William Drobyski, MD; Michael Dwinell, PhD; Kathryn Flynn, PhD; Albert Girotti, PhD; Bryon Johnson, PhD; Purushottam Laud, PhD; Joan Neuner, MD, MPH; Marja Nevalainen, MD, PhD; Matthew Riese, MD, PhD; Melinda Stolley, PhD; Vera Tarakanova, PhD; Sarah White, MD; Deb Nevels (non-voting representatives for the Wisconsin Region of the Midwest Division of the American Cancer Society). Ad hoc reviewers include: Xiaowen Bai, PhD; Michael Flister, PhD; Alison Kriegel, PhD; Peter LaViolette, PhD; Shi-Jiang Li, PhD; Gwen Lomberk, PhD; Sid Rao, MD, PhD; Kathleen Schmainda, PhD; Liang Wang, PhD

Basic Science Pilot Grant Review Committees – Ravi Misra, PhD, Chair

Carmen Bergom, MD, PhD; Christopher Chitambar, MD; Melinda Dwinell, PhD; Michael Flister, PhD; Neil Hogg, PhD; Bryon Johnson, PhD; Amit Joshi, PhD; Suresh Kumar, PhD; Purushottam Laud, PhD; Craig Mackinnon, MD, PhD; Subra Malarkannan, PhD; Qing (Robert) Miao, PhD; Marja Nevalainen, MD, PhD; Jong-In Park, PhD; Kathleen Schmainda, PhD; Vera Tarakanova, PhD; James Thomas, MD, PhD; Brian Volkman, PhD; Calvin Williams, MD, PhD. Ad hoc reviewers include: Michele Battle, PhD; Michael Burke, MD; Michael Dwinell, PhD; Li Lilly Wang, PhD.

Clinical/Translational Research Pilot Grant Review Committees – Janet Rader, MD and Stuart Wong, MD, Co-Chairs

Ehab Atallah, MD; William Bradley, MD; Michael Burke, MD; Karen-Sue Carlson, MD, PhD; Mary Eapen, MBBS, DCh, MRCPI, MS; Elizabeth Gore, MD; Rebekah Gundry, PhD; Paul Harker-Murray, MD, PhD; Amit Joshi, PhD; Deepak Kilari, MD; Peter Langenstroer, MD; Peter LaViolette, MD; Matthew Riese, MD, PhD; Julie-An Talano, MD; James Thomas, MD, PhD; Susan Tsai, MD; Denise Uyar, MD; Tracy Wang, MD, MPH; Tina Yen, MD, MS. Ad hoc reviewers include:  William Hall, MD; Cindy Schwartz, MD

Thank you to those reviewers from prior years who have rotated off the review committees. We appreciate your service.

If you are interested in joining a pilot grant review committee or have any questions, please contact Nicole Davis at (414) 805-7694.