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Renewal- Research Exploring New Amyloidosis Learning

RENEWAL (Research Exploring New Amyloidosis Learning ) is an initiative that was developed to create awareness about amyloidosis, a rare disease that occurs when abnormal proteins called amyloid build up in the body. Critically acclaimed film and stage actor Michael York – who has been afflicted with amyloidosis for several years – and Paul McComas, MA, a Milwaukee-born writer/performer and the trustee of the Camille A. Lonstorf Charitable Trust, launched this initiative in 2014. Funds raised support amyloidosis research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, led by Parameswaran Hari, MD, MRCP, MS, the Armand Quick – William Stapp Professor of Hematology, and Director, Adult Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, and Anita D'Souza, MD, MS, assistant professor, in order to combat amyloidosis aggressively, expansively, and by every means possible.

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