Cancer Center

Shared Resources

The MCW Cancer Center provides resources, support and expertise to help our investigators and physician scientists do more research, better research, and research that quickly translates into patient care.

The research labs and cores provided by the MCW Cancer Center are not otherwise available to an individual researcher because of cost, complexity or lack of space. The Medical College of Wisconsin and cancer center have a variety of shared resources that serve a multidisciplinary user base. Although some of the research resources are under the administrative control of a department or research center, they are available for use by all cancer center members.

To learn more, click on the name of the resource, or visit the Cores and Campus Shared Resources directory.

Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource (BISR)

Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSSR)

Flow Cytometry Shared Resources (FLOW)

Pathology Research BioCore (PRB)

Redox and Bioenergetics Shared Resource (RBSR)

Cancer Research Data Catalog

Onsite Vendor Store/Supply Center List

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