Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource (BISR)

The BISR advances MCW Cancer Center research by providing expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Specifically, the shared resource features imaging technologies and methods that assist investigators as they assess cancer growth, metabolism and response to therapy, greatly increasing the translational potential of cancer center research.

Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource (BISR)


The BISR provides the following services:

  • Data acquisition (e.g., novel pulse sequence development/verification, phantom construction, routine acquisition)
  • Postprocessing, data analysis, archiving and mining
  • Protocol design
  • Modality selection, as per imaging goals
  • Assistance in defining imaging goals (e.g., biomarker validation, drug response, pharmacokinetics, etc.)
  • Mentoring and educational opportunities in the way of seminars, retreats and formal machine training sessions 

Location and Hours of Operation

M-F from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
All appointments are virtual at this time.


Key equipment

The BISR has small-animal and human imaging systems dedicated for research purposes.

GE Healthcare Discovery MR950 7T Human MRI is a90-cm bore, investigational human research MRI system.

GE Healthcare Discovery MR750 3T MR System | Located in the Froedtert & the Medical College Pavilion
The GE 3T MR750 system is a 60-cm bore, clinically certified MRI system that is dedicated to research.

Bruker BioSpec 94/30 USR 9.4T Preclinical MRI System | Located in the CIR
The Bruker BioSpec in vivo spectroscopy imaging system has an actively shielded 9.4T magnet with a 31-cm warm bore.

Triumph Micro SPECT-CT | Located in the CIR
Triumph micro SPECT/CT (X-SPECT) offers superior imaging capabilities for use in small-animal in vivo studies.

PerkinElmer IVIS-100 Bioluminescence Imaging System | Located in the Biomedical Resource Center 
The IVIS system allows in vivo bioluminescence imaging in mice and rats with an enzymatic bioluminescence expressing tag (e.g., luciferase).

NIR and Short-Wave Infrared Imaging (SWIR) Located in the Translational and Biomedical Research Center
The BISR has access to specialized sensitive intensified CCD (ICCD) camera-based instrumentation sensitive from visible (400 nm) to short-wave infrared (IR) (1900 nm) wavelengths.

Philips/Elekta Combined MR-Linac (Linear Accelerator) | Will be located in the Department of Radiation Oncology
This machine can simultaneously irradiate tumors and collect MR images for optimized targeting and treatment response monitoring.

For more information about this equipment, please see the Center for Imaging Research website.

Contact Us

Amit Joshi, PhD

(414) 955-7588

Peter LaViolette, PhD

(414) 955-7490