Flow Cytometry

The Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center Flow Cytometry (FLOW) facility offers state-of-the art technology with a wide range of instrumentation at two sites - the Medical College of Wisconsin and Versiti Blood Research Institute. The directors at each site have more than 40 years’ combined experience. This ensures a high degree of quality control and efficiency. The shared resource consistently provides onsite, cost-effective, comprehensive analytic flow cytometry and high-speed cell sorting services and expertise.

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FLOW)


In addition to instrumentation, training and cell-sorting services, FLOW provides consultation to investigators regarding experiment design and protocol development. The directors and staff at both sites offer assistance in regard to antibody and fluorochrome selections, based on targets of interest and appropriate compensation controls when needed. In addition, they provide software support for data analysis.

Location and Hours of Operation

The Medical College of Wisconsin FLOW facility is on the fifth floor of the MACC Fund Research Center. The other FLOW site is at the Blood Research Institute on the second floor.

FLOW at MCW: Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Off-hour scheduling may be arranged with the FLOW staff. ID card access is available at both sites for off-hour use.

FLOW at the Versiti Blood Research Institute: Hours of operation are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday for cell sorting by Core staff. The Melody cell sorter is available 24/7 for staff that have been trained. All cell analysis instruments are available 24/7.



The Medical College of Wisconsin site has one LSRII and the Blood Research Institute operation has two LSRII analytical flow cytometers. All instruments have similar laser configurations.

The Blood Research Institute has one FACSCelesta cytometer with 4 lasers capable of detecting 17 colors.

The Medical College of Wisconsin site has a two-laser (488nm, 615 nm), four-color, six-parameter, bench-top analyzer used primarily for evaluating surface and intracellular antigen expression, apoptosis detection, bead-based cytokine detection and cell-cycle analysis.

BD Accuri C6
This is a two-laser (488nm, 640 nm) personal flow cytometer located at the Blood Research Institute. It is the newest generation of the BD Accuri platform. The BD Accuri C6 supports a wide array of applications including immunology, as well as cell and cancer biology. Users are charged to collect data on the BD Accuri.

FACSAria II Special Order Systems (SOS) 
FLOW has three FACSAria II cell sorting systems, two at the Medical College of Wisconsin and one at the Blood Research Institute.

Contact Us

Calvin Williams, MD, PhD

Director of the MCW Facility
(414) 955-5793

William Cashdollar, PhD

Director of the BRI Facility
(414) 937-3847