Redox and Bioenergetics Shared Resource (RBSR)

The Redox and Bioenergetics Shared Resource (RBSR) provides specialized instrumentation and techniques dedicated to investigate cancer cell metabolism and redox signaling for cancer center members. The RBSR is also an environment for education and training in research on oxy-radicals and redox bioenergetics. RBSR staff has expertise in designing and interpreting experiments in several cancer models, including breast, lung, pancreas, prostate, and skin. The RBSR offers services and instrumentation to assess many aspects of redox signaling and metabolic function in cancer cells.

Services and Equipment

Redox and Bioenergetics Shared Resource (RBSR)A wide range of experimental applications of extracellular flux, metabolomics and redox signaling studies may be performed with the instruments and expertise in the RBSR. The RBSR facility supports cancer investigators by examining mitochondrial function, glycolytic function, fatty acid oxidation, glucose metabolism, glutamine metabolism and metabolic phenotypes in cancer models. The RBSR offers enhanced and rapid detection and quantification of extra- and intra-cellular substrates and metabolites, metabolic profiling /phenotyping, reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection, redox signaling, and drug/compound screening.

Services include:

  • Bioenergetic flux analyses
  • LCMS-based analyses
  • HPLC analyses
  • HPLC-ECD analyses
  • Plate reader-based analyses
  • Compound synthesis
  • Data analysis/Consultation
  • Redox immunoblotting

Major equipment in the RBSR:

  • Seahorse Bioscience XF24 and XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzers
  • ESA HPLC system with electrochemical CoulArray® detector
  • Shimadzu Nexera-2 UHPLC system with absorption and MS/MS detectors
  • Beckman Coulter DTX 880 Multimode Plate Reader
  • Agilent 1100 HPLC systems with absorption and fluorescence detectors
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti Fluorescence Microscope
  • Bruker EMX Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer LS55 luminescence spectrometer

Location and Hours of Operation

The RBSR is located on the 2nd floor of the MACC Fund Research Center (MFRC). Standard hours of operation are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Off-hour access to equipment is available in support of experiments requiring unique schedules. To schedule an appointment for experiment design services and to use the RBSR equipment, please get in touch with Monika Zielonka at (414) 955-4059 or email.

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