Hannah Fisher

Hannah Nonarath, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Faculty Advisor

  • Brian Link, PhD

Contact Information


PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
MS, Biomedical Sciences, UW-Milwaukee
BS, Biochemistry, UW-Milwaukee

Research Interests

Usher syndrome is the leading cause of combined hearing and vision loss. Based on the onset, rate of progression, and severity of symptoms, Usher syndrome can be subdivided into three clinical subtypes. For the treatment of hearing loss, cochlear implants or hearing aids are available. Unfortunately, no therapies are available to stop, delay, or correct vision loss for Usher syndrome patients. My research interests focus on determine the consequences of losing protein function in Usher syndrome-associated genes, mainly Myo7a and Clrn1. Additionally, I am interested in understanding the contribution of Müller glia to the pathophysiology of Usher syndrome. From my research, I hope to identify the cell types primarily responsible for driving the onset and progression of vision loss and identify therapeutic targets of interest.