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Community Engagement Consultation Services

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) provides both internal and external consultations for academic and community partners to facilitate connections and assist in community-engaged strategies, project planning, and project development.

Consultation Service Overview

Please review the consultation types and email us with details of your request for a free, 30-minute virtual consultation.
Consultation Types

All consult types are related to and/or have a focus of CE/CEnR or will be facilitated by the Office of Community Engagement (OCE):

  • Application/Award Assistance
  • Budgeting Advisement
  • Communication
  • Community Presentation
  • Connection
  • Convening
  • Data
  • General Advisement
  • IRB advisement
  • Job Descriptions
  • MCW Field Trip/Tour
  • MCW Presentation
  • Research/Grant-Specific Advisement
  • Volunteer and Outreach Opportunities

Request a Consultation
Please email for a free, 30-minute virtual consultation.

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