Dharmik Patel, MD

Dharmik Patel, MD

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine


Hometown: Chicago, IL
Medical School: University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine
Internship: Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI
Why I chose MCW: I chose MCW for many reasons. During my interview, I enjoyed my interactions with the staff, residents, and attendings. It felt like being part of a fun and collaborative environment. My decision was further strengthened after my first two weeks as a PGY2. The support from residents (junior and senior), as well as the faculty, is unbelievable. I am also interested in Global Health and the faculty at MCW are experienced in global health as well as create opportunities for residents to participate in global health within the field of dermatology. Additionally, MCW also has a strong pediatric dermatology department and residents get ample opportunities to learn pediatric dermatology. Lastly, Milwaukee is a great city. As someone who grew up in Chicago, I have really enjoyed living in Milwaukee!