Dr. Zenga's OR

Expanded Scope of Care

The Division of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology and Reconstruction has greatly expanded the program in recent years, furthering our clinical, research, and educational missions

Since joining the MCW team in 2018, Dr. Joseph Zenga has developed a robust microvascular reconstructive practice, performing greater than 100 free tissue transfer procedures annually.  

Zenga headshot
Joseph Zenga, MD


The scope of head and neck reconstruction has also expanded covering complex head and neck trauma, neurosurgical, periorbital, and upper thoracic wounds along with post-ablative reconstruction of head and neck malignant conditions.

In particular, our team has broadened the application of the adipofascial anterolateral thigh free flap.  This versatile perforator-based reconstructive option can be extensively contoured to provide necessary vascularized coverage for highly conformal cases, including total nasal reconstruction and the repair of tracheoesophageal injuries.

In addition to improvements in clinical care, the Division has grown its research footprint considerably.  There are multiple NCTN trials open which include de-escalation options for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers and the expanded use of immunotherapy for both skin and mucosal tumors.  Further, with the recent successful award of two NIH clinical trial grants, the Division will be opening several investigator-initiated studies aimed at decreasing complications related to head and neck reconstructive surgery and improving cancer cure rates for patients with advanced disease.