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While I am proud of the work that the Commission has and will continue to do, I am ever conscious of the seriousness and complexity of violence and how it impacts our families, friends and community. We are hopeful and stead-fast in fulfilling our mission and reaching toward a vision of a violence-free Milwaukee.

Dr. Mallory O'Brien, MHRC Founder & Director

Established in January 2005, the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission (MHRC) is a central component to the City of Milwaukee's violence prevention efforts. 


  1. To gain a better understanding of homicide through strategic problem analysis
  2. To develop innovative and effective responses and prevention strategies
  3. To help focus available prevention and intervention resources

Under the auspices of Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett and supported by the current Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales and Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm, the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission is charged with understanding the underlining reasons for violence.

The Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission has become a critical forum for various stakeholders to work collaboratively to address violence in a comprehensive and sustainable way that balances short-term interventions with longer-term solutions.

The MHRC Team

The MHRC team meets regularly to identify prevention strategies for the city's homicides and near fatal shootings. At each homicide review meeting, partners participate in an intensive discussion and examination of an individual homicide and intentional crime incidents. With the expertise of the commission’s key stakeholders, MHRC formulates ways to prevent and reduce future violent crimes identified. MHRC also gives formal recommendations to strengthen the city’s systems and programs.
Since its inception, the methods and practices of the MHRC has been cultivated to assist more than 60 cities within the United States. Currently the MHRC is researching more ways to assist the city of Milwaukee and beyond. If you would like more information about our future endeavors, please sign up for our email list below.

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