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Grantee Transfer From MCW

MCW faculty members who are transferring from MCW to another institution may request a grant transfer. 

About Grant Transfer

If a faculty member at MCW is the Principal Investigator (PI) of an awarded NIH grant and decides to leave MCW for another institution, then there are two options for the grant:

  1. The grant can remain at MCW under a different PI. MCW will need to submit a formal request to NIH to change the PI on the award.
  2. The grant can be transferred to the PI’s new institution via the NIH Change of Grantee process, in which MCW will relinquish the award and the new institution will submit a Change of Grantee application to NIH.

Deciding whether a transfer would be appropriate will depend on the nature of the research project, whether the PI’s new institution can accommodate the research, whether there are multiple PI’s on the award, the timeline for the transfer in relation to the budget and project period of the grant, etc. Any PI planning to transfer a grant should contact his or her NIH Program Official to discuss the potential transfer, and MCW Department Chair and administrative staff as soon as possible before his or her end date at MCW to discuss the options for the grant. Per the MCW Corporate Policy on Transferring Grants, Contracts or Equipment, MCW reserves the right to request that a grant remain at MCW.

GCO Grant Transfer Procedure

If the decision is made to transfer the grant out of MCW, then the following items need to be forwarded to the MCW Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) by the PI:

  1. A completed NIH Relinquishing Statement PHS 3734 form. The Relinquishing form provides MCW institutional information, the exact date of the relinquishment (normally this coincides with the PI’s last day as an MCW employee), the amount being relinquished from the current budget period, and a list of any equipment* that will transfer with the grant.
  2. A completed NIH Final Invention Statement HHS 568 form. The Final Invention Statement lists all inventions that were conceived and/or first reduced to practice during the project period that the grant was awarded to MCW.
  3. In the email to GCO with the completed forms, provide the following information:
  • The full legal name of the PI’s new institution
  • An email for the new institution where notifications regarding the relinquishment should be sent (e.g. the email alias for the grants or sponsored research office, email for the AOR, etc.).
  • Once the Relinquishing Statement and Final Invention Statement have been completed, email them to, including the information listed in item 3, above. GCO staff will then review the documents and communicate with the PI and department regarding the transfer.

After everything is finalized and AOR signature has been obtained on the forms, the assigned GCO analyst will submit both documents to the NIH and forward a copy of the final documents to the PI’s new institution.

Submission of Relinquishment in eRA Commons

MCW GCO current practice is to submit PDF copies of the forms directly to the NIH Grants Management Specialist of the award. NIH also allows for electronic submission of the forms in eRA Commons. The information provided in item 3 above is necessary in case NIH requests electronic submission of the Relinquishment Statement.

New Institution

The PI’s new institution will need to submit a Change of Grantee application to the NIH.

Revised Notice of Award

After the transfer has been negotiated and awarded to the new institution, MCW receive a Notice of Award (NOA) officially relinquishing the grant.

Grant-Funded Equipment Transfer

If the PI intends to transfer any pieces of equipment that were paid for in whole or in part by any NIH grant, the department needs to contact the Controller’s Office at (414) 955-8342. Staff will work with the department on reviewing and approving any requests to transfer equipment out of MCW. Final determinations require approval by the department and the Controller’s Office.