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Research Performance Progress Report

The Research Performance Progress Report is a standardized method to report research progress. 

Completing RPPR Forms

The RPPR guide should be referenced when assistance is needed to complete the RPPR forms. Chapter 6 of the NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Instruction Guide (PDF) provides instructions for completing Sections A-I of the report.

Refer to the following sections of the Instruction Guide (PDF) when completing your report:

  • Cover Page - Section A (PDF section 6.1, pg. 69)
  • Accomplishments - Section B (PDF section 6.2, pg 70)
  • Products - Section C (PDF section 6.3 , pg. 75)
  • Participants - Section D (PDF section 6.4, pg. 82)
  • Impact - Section E (PDF section 6.5, pg. 88)
  • Changes - Section F (PDF section 6.6, pg. 89)
  • Special Reporting Requirements - Section G (PDF section 6.7, pg. 91)
  • Budget - Section H (PDF section 6.8, pg. 102)
  • Outcomes - Section I (PDF section 6.9, pg. 104)
Non-Compliant Publication Delay

You can submit your RPPR if you have publications that are out of compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. However, the consequence of submitting with non-compliant publications listed is that the NIH will delay the next Continuation award until all publications have been brought into compliance. NIH will not issue the award for the next budget period until all non-compliant publication issues have been resolved. This means your award could be held for days, weeks or months past the next expected start date until every publication listed has a “Compliant” or “In Process” status.

For specific instructions on how to report publications in the RPPR, refer to the RPPR Instruction Guide.

For information on the NIH Public Access Policy, go to the NIH Public Access Homepage.

For assistance in using the My NCBI system or compliance information for individual MCW authors or departments, please contact the MCW Libraries staff at or (414) 955-8302.

Reporting in a No Cost Extension Year

A No Cost Extension (NCE) is an extension of the period of performance beyond the expiration end date of the award.  Progress does not have to be reported until the end of the performance period. At the end of the NCE year, the PI should either be working on a NIH renewal application for the current project or the final progress report.  Final Progress Reports are not submitted via the RPPR module in Commons.