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Grants & Contracts Office

Acronyms Uncoded

Definitions of commonly used acronyms. 


Authorized Organizational Representative. 

Funding Proposal in eBridge. The Principal Investigator (PI) must submit an FP in eBridge no later than 5 days prior to the Sponsor application deadline.
Abbreviation for the Grants & Contracts Office at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Letter of Intent. LOI is required when MCW will be a subsite on a project. LOI announces MCWs willingness and capabilities to collaborate in the proposed project.

Example: PI is asked to collaborate on an application being submitted by University A to Foundation Z. In all pass-through funding, a MCW Letter of Intent (LOI) is required to be included in the application documentation provided to University A. Valid MCW Letter of Intent is generated by GCO, not MCW departments, and includes the signature of AOR.

  • In the eBridge Funding Proposal, PI/Dept. must utilize the activity to request the LOI.
  • GCO Grant Analyst will generate the LOI and collect signatures.
  • GCO Grant Analyst will attach the LOI in the activity, Forward to Sponsor or Forward to PI, once the FP is approved by AOR.
  • At that time, the PI can submit all application materials and the LOI to University A.
Letter of Support. Sponsor may request a personalized communication from specific individuals or a department chair expressing their support of a grant application.
Request for Application. The RFA is your guidance to application requirements, specifications, and materials to submit to the Sponsor. All information and documentation that will be provided to Sponsor and Sponsor online portal, should be included in your eBridge Funding Proposal under the Proposal Attachments Section for Institutional review and approval.