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Nonprofit Application Tips

Tips for applying to any non-federal, non-state, not-for-profit external funding sources. 

Application Instructions
The Request for Application (RFA) released by the nonprofit sponsor should entail application submission guidance and instructions to apply. If guidance is not clear, contact the sponsor directly for clarification on requirements, procedures, or any information left to interpretation. The source (the sponsor) is your best contact for explaining details relevant to achieving a fundable application. 

Defined: Pre-Application allows the nonprofit sponsor to select and invite the top candidates to submit a full proposal at a later date.  Nonprofit organizations may also refer to pre-proposal submission as a LOI (Letter of Interest or Letter of Inquiry).

No FP: An eBridge Funding Proposal (FP) should not be generated for Pre-Application submissions.  If Sponsor invites the PI to submit a full application, an FP in eBridge is required at that time, and must be submitted to GCO no later than 5 business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline.

Inquire: If you are unsure if the sponsor guidance is requesting a Pre-Application or a Full Application, please contact the GCO

Institutional Signature Needed?

  • If Pre-Application does not require institutional signature, department should submit the content to the Sponsor without GCO involvement. 
  • If Pre-Application requires institutional signature: 3 days prior to Nonprofit Sponsor deadline, forward the signature page and all required documentation in its final form, as requested from the Nonprofit Sponsor, to Jennifer Jones, GCO. Documents will be reviewed. Signed document will be provided in a reply email. 
MCW Institutional Details

Specific rates and registration, certification, or approval numbers for MCW can be found on the Institutional Info page.

Certain organizational statistics may also be available in the FACTS and Impact documents on the MCW About Us page.  

Financial Audit Reports
MCW Audited Financial Statements, including Report in Compliance with Government Auditing Standards and Uniform Guidance, can be found on the About MCW page. 

Budget Justification
Include Budget Justification in Proposal Attachments section of your eBridge Funding Proposal, even if the RFA does not require it. 

Budget Revision
Check award agreement for steps to change the budget. Each nonprofit sponsor is different and will require steps specific to their organization. 


Nonprofit applications require a funding proposal (FP) routed in eBridge not later than 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. All application materials should be finalized prior to routing the FP to GCO through eBridge. Late applications require approval from the Senior Associate Dean for Research. 

Refer to the GCO Submission Timeline for further information and guidance. 

Accepting Payments

Payments should be submitted to MCW Accounts Receivable (address information below). Nonprofit awards should not be sent to your department. If a nonprofit sponsor is requesting wire transfer information for award payment, contact the GCO for assistance. 

The Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. 
Accounts Receivable
PO Box 26509
8701 Watertown Plank Rd. 
Milwaukee, WI 53226


Change in PI

Check the award agreement for steps to make personnel revisions. Each nonprofit sponsor is different and will require steps specific to their organization. 

If/when the sponsor provides documentation and approval, access your eBridge Funding Proposal and utilize the Request Change in PI activity. Attach all documentation and clearly specify the date to which the change takes place. 

System for Award Management
The Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc., is actively registered in the SAM system.