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Find Nonprofit Funding Sources

Several resources are available to help you search or receive alerts for relevant funding opportunities. 

Pivot Database

MCW faculty and staff have access to Pivot through the MCW Libraries. Pivot is a searchable database that houses thousands of funding opportunities of over $50 billion. 

You can also work with the MCW Libraries Funding Alert Service Team (FAST) to create custom funding alerts in Pivot. 

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The proposalCENTRAL Application System is an e-grantmaking website shared by many government, non-profit, and private grant-making organizations and is provided by Altum, Inc. Various non-profit sponsors use proposalCENTRAL, including the American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association and St. Baldrick’s Foundation. 

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F2: Foundation Funding

The Office of Research lists select nonprofit, foundation, or philanthropic funding opportunities on the Foundation Funding page, as well as announcements for high profile, competitive, or limited* opportunities. 

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Foundations in Wisconsin

MCW faculty and staff are granted access to Marquette University’s directory of Foundations in Wisconsin. All active Foundation grant makers are included in this database.  The directory describes each Wisconsin Foundations, and provides insight to Foundation dollars granted, granting interests, and many other grant-maker indicators.  On Foundations of Wisconsin home page, select Member Login for access. For help, refer to the Foundations in Wisconsin section at MCW Library Funding Resources.

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Subscribe to Listservs Newsletters

Many Nonprofit organizations have listservs which can be subscribed to directly from their website. Listservs will supply application updates and deadline information within email or newsletter format. Here are a few examples:

A Note on Limited Submission

RFAs that indicate Limited Submission applications set a limit to the number of applications MCW can submit to a Sponsor per funding cycle. Sponsor Guidelines will specify Limited Submission to institution, campus, institution including affiliates, etc. Most require an MCW internal competition with a selected review committee which determines the applications(s) to submit.

Please forward any limited submission grant opportunities and your interest to apply to research@mcw.eduReview and guidance to be a limited submission applicant at MCW will be communicated with you. Please don’t wait to forward the information. Lead time for internal processing and application submission to the Sponsor will need to be considered. Faculty & Staff should not hesitate to contact the GCO with any questions regarding the information on this page for nonprofit applications.