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Help Guides for Select Nonprofit Sponsors

Several nonprofit sponsors have large, detailed award programs that can be complex.  

American Cancer Society (ACS)

ACS Application Deadlines: 
Can be found on ACS website

ACS System:
ACS utilizes proposalCENTRAL for all application, grant management, and reporting

ACS Terms:
ACS is upfront about the terms you must meet in order to receive an agreement. Terms are listed in the policy and instructions/RFA materials. Please make sure these terms are acceptable to your project as they cannot be changed.

eBridge Funding Proposal (FP) Points

  • Fellowships:
    • List the MCW Fellow as the PI on the eBridge FP.  Contact the  eBridge Help Desk for set up.
    • Add MCW Faculty Mentor(s) to Personnel Section under MCW Key Personnel with role: Mentor.  Cost share the Mentor effort in the FP budget grid
    • All Fellowship expenses are placed under Trainee Section in FP budget grids
  • General Points:
    • All MCW employees with their biosketch included in the application, need to be added to MCW Key Personnel section in FP

proposalCENTRALportal Points:

  • ACS Other Support, for ALL key personnel, should be included in one section.  Not added-on to each person's biosketch, including the PI.
  • Please observe the page limit requirements for each section.
American Diabetes Association (ADA)

ADA Application Deadlines: 
Can be found on ADA website

Research Awards under the ADA Core Programs haves very specific RFAs. Please utilize the checklist at the end of the RFA to help organize application materials. If you have questions about the RFA information, please contact ADA for clarification. 

Transparency of Other Support: 
In 2018, the RFA was explicit about transparency of funding for projects in which the applicant is named PI. All funding in which the applicant is PI on a project, both internal and external, shall be stated in the Tables and Other Support sections per the RFA instructions. Funding cap in 2018 was $500,000, for example. If PI has more than $500,000 in project funding, they are ineligible to apply. Note that ADA research funds stress support of early career investigators and investigators at a high level of need to maintain their existing research programs.

All budgets are TDC, not MTDC.

American Heart Association (AHA)

AHA Application Deadlines: 
Can be found on the AHA website

General Application Routing:
The completed, online application must be submitted to the Grants Officer (GO) within the system at the same time the completed funding proposal is submitted for GCO Review in eBridge. GCO will not review funding proposals in eBridge unless the AHA online application is in the state “submitted To GO” and ready for final submission.

Prior to starting a proposal in grants@heart:
Check your Advanced Profile to verify all information is up-to-date. If you start and save an application, then notice profile information is incorrect, the only option for correction is to recreate your proposal in the system. 

AHA Membership: 
AHA membership is required for all research award program applicants. Each applicant to research award programs with deadlines after June 1, including Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships, must be an American Heart Association Professional Member (memberships start under $100). Applicants may renew or join membership via a link from the application in Grants@Heart, or by phone at (301) 223-2307 or (800) 787-8984. There is a 3-5 day waiting period to process membership. Do not wait until the application deadline to renew or join.

AHA Fellowship: 
eBridge Funding Proposal (FP) Points:

  • List the MCW Fellow as the PI on the eBridge FP. Contact the eBridge Help Desk for set up
  • Add MCW Faculty Mentor to Personnel Section under MCW Key Personnel with role: Mentor
    • If both Pre-Doc Sponsors are MCW employees, each Sponsor must be included in the MCW Key Personnel Section of the smart forms
    • If a Pre-Doc Sponsor is a non-MCW employee, include Sponsor's information in the non-MCW Key Personnel Section of the smart forms 
  • All Fellowship expenses are placed under Trainee Section in FP budget grids

Adding a Consultant

  • In the case of fellowship awards, the services of a consultant are not routine and should only be listed where the consultant is absolutely essential to the proposed research training experience. A consultant contributes to the scientific development or execution of the project. Typically, a consultant has a doctoral or other professional degree.  A consultant may provide discrete services that are performed in a limited time or occasionally contribute a specific method/technique/analysis or materials for the project. 
  • The consultant will need to provide a letter describing specific services for the project. The applicant cannot submit his/her application without the letter.  Consultant sends their document electronically to the applicant.  The applicant will upload the document to his/her application.
  • If you are utilizing MCW employees as a Consultant in this Fellowship instance, please place the Fellowship Consultant in the Non-Key Personnel Section of the FP.  Select role: Other Professional, and type OSC – Consultant as specific role. They must agree to participate in this application. Their effort is 0% and no cost sharing should be included in the budget grids.

AHA Career Development (Mentoring Team Required): 

eBridge Funding Proposal (FP) Points: 

  • Add Prime Mentor to MCW Key Personnel Section of smart forms
  • Secondary Co-Mentor – if at MCW, same as Prime
    • If non-MCW, add to the non-MCW Key Personnel Section of smart forms
    • Per the RFA, 3 additional mentors are optional. Therefore list them in the Personnel Section
  • If Mentor effort is not required per the RFA/AHA, no cost sharing is required to be documented in the budget grids
  • Attach downloaded application from grants@heart portal in the Proposal Attachments Section
  • After AOR approval of FP, GCO will log into the grants@heart and submit your final application

grants@heart Portal Points: 

  • Budget section: Note that only PI salary and fringe should be included in the salary and fringe line. All other personnel on the project who have salary and fringe requested, should be included in the Other Support total.
  • Once completed, submit to GO in portal and route your FP in eBridge to GCO for review. This should be performed no later than 5 business days prior to the AHA deadline.
  • Upon GCO review, if changes are needed, GCO will decline portal submission which returns the proposal to the PI to make the requested changes and resubmit to GO.

AHA Collaborative Science

Letter of Intent (LOI)/Pre- Application

  • eBridge FP should not be created at this stage
  • Complete grants@heart portal LOI requirements and route final to “GO” for submission no later than 3 days prior to the LOI deadline
    • Routing to "GO" prompts GCO to review and submit your final application in the grants@heart portal

Invited to complete Full Application

  • Upon AHA invitation to submit the full application, an eBridge FP is required. 
American Lung Association

Biomedical Research Grant: 
This is a mentored award. Mentor should be stated in MCW Key Personnel Section and also cost share the Mentor’s effort in the FP budget grids. Mentor salary on the award funding will not be required.

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Neilsen Foundation System:
The Neilsen Foundation utilizes proposalCENTRAL for all application, grant management, and reporting

eBridge Funding Proposal (FP) Points: 

  • Attach all documents uploaded to proposalCENTRAL in Proposal Attachments Section
  • Attach PDF of the proposalCENTRAL application in Proposal Attachments Section
  • Please review the RFA to insure you are providing all requested documentation for full proposal

proposalCENTRALportal Points:

  • Applicants must use the templates provided in ProposalCENTRAL. Modification of templates or page limit overage will disqualify the application.
  • Neilsen Foundation requires a letter of intent (pre-application) be submitted. PIs will be submitting a full application, only if invited by the Foundation.

Receiving a Neilsen Award:

  • If awarded, Neilsen Foundation provides detailed emails on the additional steps and documentation required to receive your funding.  This usually entails reviewing agreements, providing institutional information, uploading documentation on IRB/IACUC approvals, and institutional signatures for authorization. Please contact Jennifer Jones, GCO Nonprofit Grants Analyst, to secure institutional signatures and authorization. It is your responsibility to upload the required documentation by specified deadlines in proposalCENTRAL.
Froedtert Foundation

Froedtert Foundation Tips: 

  • Generate an eBridge Funding Proposal for Froedtert Foundation funding applications. 
  • Awards are for one year. 
  • NCE: Contact Froedtert Foundation to request a No Cost Extension stating additional time required to finish project and funding remaining. Once approved, use the NCE activity in the FP to request NCE to be routed to GCO. Attach the Froedtert Foundation communications, approval, and current IRB and/or IACUC approval letter to this NCE request activity.
  • PI Change: Utilize the Change in PI activity in the FP. In this activity, attach the email from Froedtert Foundation stating the change is acceptable. Include Significant Financial Interest Form (SFI) for new PI.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
JDRF Fellowships: 
  • All application materials, including references should be complete no later than 5 business days prior to Sponsor Deadline
  • Forward your online application to RO at the same time you forward your eBridge FP to GCO
  • RO has the option to return the application to you if GCO review requires it
  • RO: Select Ann Nattinger; Financial Officer: select Katherine Thompson
  • Important: Please make sure your references have submitted their letters as you will not be permitted to submit an online application to RO with any outstanding references
  • Within the next several days, your applications should be under review with your research office as no extensions will be granted
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)

General Application Routing:

The completed portal application must be submitted to the MCW Institutional Signatory within the MS Portal at the same time the completed funding proposal is submitted for GCO Review in eBridge. GCO will not review funding proposals in eBridge unless the MS online application has been routed to Institutional Signatory for final submission. If changes are required upon the GCO Analyst review, both the portal application and FP will be returned to PI for revisions.

Potawatomi Foundation

Agreement terms must be negotiated prior to applying for any funding. Please contact GCO for this step. eBridge Funding Proposal is required.