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Grants & Contracts Office

Federal Workspace System

Workspace is the standard online system for preparing and submitting non-NIH federal grants to the government. Workspace is an open environment that allows teams to collaborate to complete applications. Forms can either be submitted online via webform, or downloaded as PDF, completed, saved, and uploaded. 

Workspace Resources

Workspace is used for all non-NIH federal grants. Review the Grant Submission Portal (PDF) to determine if you need to use Workspace. 

Get Started Using Workspace

The following resources are available to support Workspace users: 

  • Request the Manage Workspace Role
    Note: You will need to create an account with under the "Organization Applicant" using the MCW DUNS number, 93-763-9060, prior to requesting the Manage Workspace Role. 

This 2-minute video outlines the User Roles and Access Levels in Workspace: