Todd Wehr Library

Ellen Sayed, MLS, MAcc

Library Director


  • MCW Libraries
    Todd Wehr Library, H3400

Contact Information


Ellen Sayed is Director of the MCW Libraries. She earned a Masters in Accounting from the University of South Alabama, and an MLS Library and Information Science and BA Political Science from State University of New York at Buffalo.

Ms. Sayed joined MCW in July 2016. Prior to joining MCW, Ms. Sayed gained broad experience in academic medical libraries in the US and overseas. Ms. Sayed has more than twenty years of experience in academic medical librarianship spanning a wide range of library services and activities. She has made frequent presentations, and has authored a number of publications.

Areas of interest include library management and planning, and innovative applications of technology to promote library services.

Liaison Partnerships

  • Community Engagement

Recent Publications

Ellen N. Sayed, Sa’ad Laws & Basim Uthman. Using Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing to Implement Change. MRSQ. 2017; 36(2):253-265

Ellen Sayed and Alice Burnett. Sharing Electronic Resources Among Three Institutions QQML, An International Journal of Library and Information Science. 2014; March: 351-359.

Sayed, EN. Aligning planning with outcomes. Performance Measurement and Metrics. 2013; 14(2):100-117