Michael Aljadah, MD

Michael Aljadah, MD



Current Position: Resident (PGY3) Internal Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical School: University of Michigan

Project: The Impact of Probiotic Supplementation on Vascular Function and Inflammation in Individuals With Long COVID

National Presentations

  • Aljadah, M., & Shaka, H., & Kichloo, A., & El-Amir, Z., & DeHart, L., & Albosta, M., & Velazquez, G., & Asemota, I., & Akuna, E., & Kanjwal, K. Impact of Obesity of Sinus Nodal Dysfunction – A Retrospective National Database Study. Poster presented at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2021
  • Kichloo, A., & Solanki, D., & Aljadah, M., & Jamal, S., & Ali, M., & Mir, K.M., & Kanjwal, K. Trends in the Utility and Complications of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Device Implantation in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients. Poster presented at Heart Rhythm 2021


  • Kichloo, A., & Aljadah, M., & Wani, F., & Ananthaneni, S. Should we give triple therapy to patients with atrial fibrillation after percutaneous intervention? Cleve Clin J Med. 2020 Oct 1;87(10):599-601. doi: 10.3949/ccjm.87a.19115. PMID: 33004319.
  • Kichloo, A., & Aljadah, M., & Vipparla, N., & Jamal, S., & Kanjwal, K. Pembrolizumab Induced Myocarditis Leading to Persistent Atrial Arrythmias and a Cascade of Complications: A Therapeutic Dilemma. Am J Ther. 2020 Oct 28;28(5):e606-e608. doi: 10.1097/MJT.0000000000001287. PMID: 33136576.