Letters from the Chief Residents

Amanda Wilcox, DO

AmandaWillcoxOriginally from Homer, New York, I started my undergraduate education at the University of Vermont. I ultimately decided to move back home and complete my Bachelor of Science in Biology at SUNY Cortland. During undergraduate years, I was a scribe in a local emergency department, which piqued my interest in medicine. I attended medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA. I developed an interest in neurology, specifically acute care neurology, while on rotations in medical school. I couples-matched for residency at MCW in Milwaukee, and it has been a great fit thus far.

The city of Milwaukee has been great for my work-life balance. When deciding where to live, we had options ranging from downtown apartments to owning a house in the suburbs. To make experiencing the city easier, we decided to live in an apartment in the city’s Eastside neighborhood, which we do not regret. From restaurants, bars, endless festivals and shows, and lake front activities, Milwaukee has a lot to offer outside the hospital.

Being part of the MCW Neurology department has been a great experience. Working with the staff, fellows, and my co-residents has helped me not only focus on areas of neurology that I wish to pursue long term, but also become strong in the areas that are important in building a broad foundation to practice on. We have a great group of residents that support one another, which has made training at MCW an invaluable experience. Next year, following residency, I plan on staying here for Neuro Critical Care and Neuro-Intervention fellowships.

Salman Farooq, MD

SalmanFarooqI am originally from Lahore, Pakistan. I was born and raised there until I moved further south to attend Quaid-e-Azam Medical College in Bahawalpur. I developed interest in neurology during my 3rd year of medical school and decided to pursue a residency in neurology. I started my academic career in United States with a research scholarship in Vascular Neurology at the State University of New York at Buffalo and later moved to Milwaukee to pursue a neurology residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee is a large, multicultural metropolitan city with many excellent entertainment opportunities for all age groups. For those who are sports fans, Milwaukee is home to the Brewers and Bucks and is just a short drive from home of Green Bay Packers. The city also hosts the nation’s largest music festival, possesses a modern architectural museum, and is home to many large corporations. There is no shortage of things to do in Milwaukee but it is also just an hour and half drive away from Chicago and Madison.

That being said, what attracted me the most to this city is obviously a strong and well-balanced neurology residency program at MCW. I find myself very lucky to be working with a wonderful group of residents who were attracted to our program from different parts of USA and the world. Besides offering a great residency program, the neurology department at MCW also offers multiple fellowships, including one of the best neurology-led critical care neurology and endovascular surgical neuroradiology programs in the country which are my areas of special interest. I am very proud of the quality of resident education in our program and the enormous support from our program coordinator, program director and the chair in helping us reach our career goals. The residents are also actively involved in medical student education during their neurology rotations.

At the end, I would like to congratulate you on choosing neurology as a career, and thank you for considering Medical College of Wisconsin for your residency. We look forward to our experiences with you here at the Medical College of Wisconsin and in Milwaukee.