Neurology Residency Application Process

Candidates who wish to apply to our program may do so only through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

For more information regarding ERAS and how to apply, please contact your Dean's office or the ERAS website.

Application deadline: The application process will remain open until December 1, after the Dean's letter is transmitted to us by ERAS. We reserve the right to stop accepting applications at any time after the Dean's Letters have arrived. We begin selecting candidates for interviews shortly after the applications are sent to programs in ERAS; having your application in sooner rather than later is to your advantage.

The materials required for a complete application via ERAS are:

  • Common application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Medical school transcript(s)
  • Dean's letter
  • Personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation (one from a U.S. neurologist)
  • USMLE transcript or COMLEX
  • Photo (used only for identification following interview)

Other notes of interest:

  • We do offer second look visits for applicants who have already been interviewed but this is not a requirement
  • This is an opportunity for candidates to take another look
  • It is not a formal interview and does not influence the ranking process
  • During a second look, you will not meet with any members of the residency application review committee

Our approved residency complement is 22 residents across the four years. As a result, we accept 6 residents in odd Match years (e.g. Match 2017 and Match 2019) and 5 residents in event Match years (e.g. 2018 and 2020).

Our program is categorical (4 year program) and it is mandatory that the first year internship be done with us.

A personal interview with members of the faculty of the Department of Neurology is a mandatory part of the application process; typical interview days include meeting the Program Director (Dr. Chad Carlson) and three additional faculty members for formal interviews. These interviews are arranged by invitation only at the discretion of the Program Director and the Application Review Committee.

All communications during the application and interview process between the applicant and the Program Director or Program Coordinator will be through ERAS or by email. Therefore, you must have a valid email address listed in your ERAS application. We sponsor H-1 and J-1 visas.